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RESMO - Chien-Hui Ko

This foldable floor mat is designed for airport operators to provide to tired travelers when there is a delay. The mat can be folded into many different positions, offering a comfortable, personal environment for the traveler to rest in. The two best features of the RESMO are its built-in shield to provide a bit of privacy and the easy joining of the mats to form dual pods.

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Perfect portable home office for those who want to easily fold and roll away the work station at the end of the day.

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House with an iron staircase by
Roberto Murgia and Valentina Ravara

House with an iron staircase by
Roberto Murgia and Valentina Ravara

Residence in Kallitechnoupolis
by Tense Architecture Network

Residence in Kallitechnoupolis
by Tense Architecture Network

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17-Year-Old Creates a 3D-Printed Robotic Prosthetic Arm for $250

Combining a Nintendo Power Glove with 3D-printed parts, 17-year-old Easton LaChappelle has designed an incredible robotic prosthetic arm. Made from LEGO bricks, fishing wire, and surgical tubing, LaChapelle’s robotic arm earned him 3rd place in the Colorado Science Fair of 2011 – which inspired him to go even further with the 3D-printed design.

At the Science Fair, LaChapelle encountered an entrant who wore an $80,000 prosthetic arm that would need replacing as she grew. Inspired and intrigued, he decided to take his homemade robotic arm, which could only grip a soda can, to the next level. His new goal was to create a high-tech prosthetic arm that was not only highly functional, but also affordable.

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MIT’s Tangible Media Group’s project, inFORM


Stunning Mosque In Iran Becomes A Magnificent Kaleidoscope When The Sun Rises

The exterior of the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran, while decorative, hints only vaguely at the colorful splendour held within. When you step inside, especially if it’s early in the morning, the mosque truly becomes a vivid and glorious kaleidoscope.

via[demilked] I Pictures by: Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji, Dav Wong, Marinela T. Gondii, Amin Abedini

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